Common Courtesy

So I was on the underground with a friend.  We were both sitting down and a guy was standing pretty much on top of me.  When we approached our stop I stood up, as did my friend and she headed towards the door.  I was stuck behind the gentleman, by the time I figured out he wasn’t going to move for me the train arrived at the stop.  I don’t expect everyone to move out of my way as soon as I stand up; even though I would do that for anyone else as it is rather expected if someone stands up from their seat it’s not because they need to stretch their legs.  With no hope of a clear pathway I tried to get around him, failing that I politely said ‘excuse me’. 

  Once I had attempted to get past he grunted, “actually we’re getting off here too”.  This annoyed me.  Does he think I’m a mind reader? We were at the stop, there was no one in front of you, the people you were with were stationary and you expect me to wait behind you because I was somehow meant to know that you were getting off right there.


People can be so infuriating.  I understand that it is annoying when people push you out the way to get off when you are getting off as well as this has happened many times to me.  But in this circumstance the tube wasn’t very busy and the three people in the group weren’t even facing the door as the doors were opening. 

What is most irritating is that this man was saying this to me implying that I was being rude by asking him to step to the side so I could get off.  He believed that I was the rude person barging their way past.

When people act like this I am often in two minds.  Immediately after I am really annoyed and confused yet on the other hand, I begin to think why they act that way.  Why did this man assume I was barging past him, despite my polite approach?  It’s sad when people see everything as an attack.  Maybe it was just that day.  I’m sure I’ve had days where I have over reacted to something because of varying reasons.  I hope that was the case and the gentleman wasn’t someone who always feels as though they are being attacked.

Sometimes I give people too much of an excuse because of their past and what they’ve been through.  Looking at them in a different way and accepting behaviour which in other circumstances wouldn’t stand.  However generally looking at people this way gives me more of an understanding,  so I feel less annoyed or angry; instead I just feel sorry for them.


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