Black Friday

I only had a small amount of money to work with so the decision of what to actually purchase was a hard one.  

Since what I needed included sports bras and warm layers.  I decided to go with Victoria’s Secret.  They have some great deals on this weekend, including buy one get one half price on bras and a whopping 60% off sweaters (or jumpers to my fellow Brits). 


Here is what I went for…

VS buy 28:11:15

This boatneck sweater was originally £54.26 and I got it for £21.84.  Not only does it look warm and cosy, I love the shape which gives it an edge compared to the run of the mill jumpers I normally go for.  We’ll see what it looks like on when it arrives, hopefully it won’t disappoint.

VS buy 2 28:11:15

This jumper was such a bargain, at £9.73 it was too good to resist.  I went for black as that is what I wear for college; so my wardrobe is slowly being overcome by darkness.  

VS buy 3 38:11:15

I haven’t purchased a sports bra from VS as of yet, so this was a bit of a risky purchase.  However I have heard good things so thought this was as good a time as any.  This was one of the medium support bras.  I felt that the minimum was going to be useless for me yet the price of the maximum support  was too much of a stretch for my bank account.  I thought I’ll see how the mediums fit and I might stretch for a maximum in January.  Also if the medium support is enough for me I can treat myself to some more at the slightly lower price in the future.  This came out at £16.89 which is cheaper than the M&S ones I usually go for (if you haven’t tried them they work wonders particularly the zip up ones which come in specific bra sizes.)VS buy 4 28:11:15

Again this is another medium support bra.  Again in black, this one however was cut to £8.44 due to the Black Friday deal.  So even if it only works as a crop top rather than a supportive bra I think I will be ok (though I do hope it gives me some support).


Even though I couldn’t make any purchases I had a quick look at Topshop to see what I could have got if I had the means.  There weren’t as many items that grabbed my attention as I thought there would be.  Maybe it was because I was shopping online as usually I go into the store and can drool over many pieces.  

Here are my Topshop Black Friday picks…

Topshop black friday 2015 page 1Topshop black friday 2015 page 2


I didn’t see anything that I thought was a real bargain, but there were decent discounts off of most of the items included in the sale.  This selection was taken from the Black Friday section of the site.

Here are my Urban Outfitter Black Friday picks…

Urban Outfitters black friday 2015 page 1Urban Outfitters black friday 2015 page 2Urban Outfitters black friday 2015 page 3Urban Outfitters black friday 2015 page 4Urban Outfitters black friday 2015 page 5Urban Outfitters black friday 2015 page 6

I hope you enjoy looking through my little Black Friday wish lists.


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