Laura Loves-November 2015



November brought with it many things, from stormy weather to the reintroduction of Christmas 24 to our screens (it did come a bit early but I am getting into the mood a bit more as we are approaching December.)  Here is my pick of what I’ve been enjoying this month.

1) Stella & Dot ring


My first pick of this month is my Stella & Dot ring I got for my 21st birthday.  I love the design, it’s edgy but still dainty enough to not be irritating or over bearing.


2) Stila lip glaze in Majest (c3)


Recently I have been sticking with lip sticks, however this month I have been reverting back to my old ways of lip gloss.  When I wanted a neutral look without my lips looking as though they barely existed this was a good choice.  I liked the shine it gave my lips and it gave just enough colour for my lips to look interesting without being too dominant.  I will still occasionally opt for a lip stick however this is a nice and simple choice, particularly in the Winter when our lips can get dry and chapped.  I feel that lipstick needs more attention, whereas I can put some lip gloss on without much thought.


3) Topshop bobble hatIMG_1548

I received this hat as a Christmas gift a few years ago and has been a Winter staple for me ever since.  The black shade means it can easily go with anything, and I will wear it with anything, from a more business like coat or jacket to baggy oversized shirts.  It keeps me warm, covers my forehead and allows me to go out in public when my hair is questionable.  Win, win, win.


4) Estée Lauder, Double Wear, BB, HighlighterOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This has been a bit of a lifesaver for me this month.  I noticed how reliant I am on it when it ran out a few weeks ago and I looked like a zombie for a few days.  I use this under my eyes to cover my large eye circles which have been pretty prominent recently as I have been more tired than usual.  I think I am in good need of  a Christmas break.


This pick is more of a love-hate relationship.  I love them and they hate me.  Probably one of the reasons I have been more tired as I have been giving in to my craving of jelly beans all month; perhaps an instinct due to the cold weather, needing to store some fat for the Winter.  All the sugar can only do me bad but I still have that voice in my head saying “but they taste so good”.  Great for a treat, this month however I think I have been indulging a little too much.


So there you have it.  That’s my selection of what I’ve been loving this month.  I’m looking forward to the month ahead.  I can rest up a bit and spend some time with my family and friends. Now it’s December and for me at least I have a break from college and can start getting into the Christmas spirit.


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