Victoria’s Secret:Fashion Show and Product Review

In anticipation of the show, of course I bought some biscuits and Christmas chocolates to munch on whilst gawking at the amazing bodies parading in front of me on the TV. It was great inspiration for me to stay fit over the Christmas holidays. Enough exercise for me means I can indulge without being too regretful.


Ellie Goulding: I don’t think the first song really worked as she was a bit over shadowed by the models (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it is a fashion show) but ‘Army’ for me at least didn’t really work. Maybe it was the way it was performed, that song did need a bit more of a demanding performance when there was so much going on.  Her second song, ‘Love me like you do’ looked and sounded angelic and was really magical for the Winter section of the show.Ellie Goulding

Selena Gomez was amazing, a great performer and she looked awesome. The songs worked well for the section and it blended well with the show. She didn’t overshadow the models and they didn’t over shadow her. She looked more comfortable than Ellie interacting with the models. Maybe it’s because she knows more of them? I honestly don’t know but I do know she owned that stage.  Selena Gomez

The Weekend: were a good asset to the show. The music fitted really well, I enjoyed the set,  for me ‘In the Night’ was the stand out performance for The Weekend .the weekend

The whole show was a fun experience. They really make us mere mortals want to be up there strutting our stuff rather than just admiring the clothes themselves. What I think is great is that the majority of the girls are super strong and their bodies are toned, not just skinny. Of course they’re all still tall and born with a naturally smaller frame, but the most important thing is that fitness and health is becoming the ideal image over skinniness. We need to remember that it is their job to look that good and it takes a lot of work.  Most of us can’t afford or have the time to be in the gym all day.VS

My order from Black Friday came the same day that the show was televised in the UK so I was on a VS overload on Wednesday.  I am super happy with my purchases (see my Black Friday post here).  I was really wary about the sports bras as I ordered medium support as that’s what I could afford.  Amazingly and to my surprise I felt as though there was a great amount of support.  My only worry is that the material will stretch over time and not stay as supportive.  But for now they are truly the best sports bras I’ve owned.  I’ll have to update if they do stretch but for now I’m looking forward to wearing my new bras in class next term.  Both my jumpers also arrived and are really comfy and gorgeous and I still can’t believe I got them for the price I did.

I am looking forward to future fashion shows to watch and products to purchase but for now I’ll be doing pilates and eating healthily with the mind that I will reach a healthy and toned physique.



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