Packing for a Short Trip

I always find packing a nightmare.  I am only away for two nights, so it shouldn’t be as hard as it was.  I had to fit everything in a bag that I could easily walk around carrying.   Therefore everything had to fit into my fairly small rucksack without anything getting too squashed.Stuffed bag

Deciding what to wear before I have to wear it is always a difficult one for me, especially when I don’t really know what I’ll be doing.  I often regret my decisions.  For the first day I decided to wear my dungaree dress from Forever 21, which I have only recently worn in Winter with my black roll neck from Urban Outfitters so it feels like a new look despite owning the dress for a couple of years.  Roll neck and dungareesI packed my rust skirt from Topshop.  It is still fairly new so it still gives me that special I’m wearing something new feeling.  With that I wear a plain black long sleeve tee from Urban Outfitters.  What makes this outfit especially good for the trip is that the materials both survive being crushed into a bag.  Skirt and teeOn the way home I can reuse the roll neck with the rust skirt so it’s three outfits as I’m rotating the tops.

I decided to stick to one pair of shoes.  I am not going clubbing so no need to prepare for sticky floors.  These shoes are flat, so work for lots of walking around during the day, yet still classy and smart (or in other words: my only pair of shoes that aren’t trainers or heels) so work for drinks too.Shoes

My make up bag was hard to cut down as I like to decide on my look the day of.  However tough decisions were made.  Eyeliner didn’t make the cut as recently it has been crumbling (therefore am in search for a better one)  so it was easy to remove from the shortlist.  I took my trusted Estee Lauder concealer and powder, some bronzer (Benefit’s Hoola) and a few options for lips so I at least have some creative control on the day.  I also packed some moisturiser (a freebie from a magazine to save space) and my anti redness cream from Clinique which has so far proven well, review to come.Make up bag

Then of course I had my necessities such as toothbrush, hairbrush, grips and bands, deodorant and dry shampoo.  I also took my camping towel as I always forget to pack a towel but a regular one takes up too much space.Little extras

Then of course I had my essentials that I cannot travel without;  headphones for when I’m too tired to keep my eyes open,  my notebook because actually writing can sometimes be more satisfying than typing, my iPad because my hand cannot deal with writing for three hours non stop and my glasses, which I guess are self explanatory.Travel withSo that’s what I packed for my two day visit.  I would have used a slightly larger rucksack if I owned one but my next size up bag was a suitcase which is too much hassle travelling with around the underground and when I will be walking a lot a ruck sack is the much easier option.


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