Back to Brighton

This week I finally had enough time to go back to Brighton.  I only lived there for a year but it was probably the best year of my life so far.  It holds so many memories for me, so it was great to go back and visit some friends.

I was only there for a day and lots of catching up was done.  Also lots of shopping.  Well at least window shopping.  I took a couple of pics of things that I have put on my wish list.

I do love the shop layout at Urban Outfitters.  Their set up makes their already appealing stock even more desirable.cute setup  There were loads of great gift ideas, this one I rather liked and would be a good present for quite a few of my family.

Good gift idea

I also treated myself to an early Christmas present from my Gran, which I will be wearing before Christmas.  It was in the sale and although its quite a simple t-shirt I thought it was quite versatile as I could dress it up for drinks with the right skirt, casual with jeans and can also wear it to college. UO teeI also had a Mac voucher from my birthday which I allowed myself to spend, looking around the shop with the idea of actually buying something was a welcome change.  Although I have always wanted to try lots of the different lipsticks I went for a highlighter.  It was something I needed and could wear all the time.  Whereas a bold lip colour I would not use everyday.  I decided to go for the ‘Soft and Gentle Mineralize Skin finish’ which I have grown to love even more since purchasing.  I would definitely recommend it.New purchase

Whilst in Brighton I enjoyed a lovely night in with my girlfriends where we had fajitas, which is a great meal to have especially when you’re all students and skint.  It’s easy to make just having to cook the chicken, pour in the fajita mix and add anything else you fancy such as peppers or onions-and if it wasn’t obvious the tortillas.  I also use an avocado paste, sour creme and salsa for extra flavourings .  Then all you need is the cheese and some salad and you’re good to go.  Well hopefully you know how to wrap a fajita properly (you have to remember to fold up the bottom!)

Before I left I managed to meet up with another friend, catching up during a short walk through the lanes followed by lunch at a lovely little cafe, Farm on North Road.  They have a good selection of light bites as well as heavier meals.  I went for the chicken panini which was delicious and some chips on the side because I just couldn’t resist.

My visit was short but sweet, I loved being back in Brighton and hope to be back soon.  The only thing that annoyed me was the darkness which descends way too early.  Then that is happening all over the country, not just Brighton.


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