New Year, New You

I have had many aims of reinvention.  Secondary school, sixth form, University, performing arts college.  Forever hoping that one day I will wake up as the image of my visions of the new, better, upgraded me.

This happens on many occasions whether it’s a new year, new school year, new school, in fact any change of scenery or people.  Yet, I still haven’t become that image.  I may be the image of what I wanted at 14, but I’m now 21 and that image is ever changing because I am ever changing.  My wants and needs are progressing as do my desires and ambitions.

Change is good, ambition is good however it leaves me in a state of grafting.  Always working and never reaping the rewards.  Once one goal has been reached I have already moved onto the next one.  Yes it shows determination but in order to keep this drive I should really spend more time realising my achievements before moving on to the next target.

If I don’t take in my achievements I feel disheartened and hopeless which leads me to a low point where my drive is lost and everything I have been working towards takes a back seat.

Whoever you are and wherever you are try and spare some time to feel that sense of achievement.  It gives you a chance to breathe and realise what you can accomplish when you set your mind to something; which in turn keeps your drive and determination going, helping you with your next ambition.

If you ever find yourself at that low point where your determination and ambition seems lost, remember you will find your way.  Maybe try and write down what you have already achieved as this may make you feel more determined to get back up and carry on striving for your dreams.

We all hit walls where it’s hard to break through.  Some walls are higher than others, some are stronger but none are invincible.  Try and keep yourself motivated, allowing yourself to realise your ambitions, and once you achieve them enjoy them and hopefully those walls you hit will become shorter and weaker, and few and far between.

laurajoan x

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