Clinique- Redness Solutions Product Review

I have pretty red skin naturally let alone when I’m dancing everyday so I really wanted to find something that would reduce my red complexion.

Clinique Redness Solutions daily protective base was a product I came across that I just needed to try as I desperately needed a solution for my redness.  For the first couple of weeks of using this product I was on a break from college so I wasn’t experiencing the usual conditions that my face goes through.

Straight from the first use of this product I saw a difference.  It’s green colour balances out the red tones, however once the cream has been applied it can give a green/pale tinge, however it is a base so it isn’t meant to be used instead of foundation, it’s meant to be put under.  For this purpose it worked really well.  I used my normal foundation to give my skin the right colour whilst this base stopped my redness coming through.

So far so good.  However since starting back at college I have had problems with my redness reoccurring.  The problem is I’m sweating all day and whilst it’s easy enough to top up foundation/powder you can’t really top up a base.  I would have to completely redo my make up, which just isn’t an option.

This product does get the result it advertises.   For my purposes however it is not quite enough.  I may need to try another product in addition to the base.  However for normal day to day make up I really feel this has made a big difference, it really evened out my skin tone.

This product has given me enough faith in the Redness Solutions team to try a couple of other products until I find what the best products are for me.  I know they do a powder which is what I plan to try next.

If you have a similar problem with redness I would definitely suggest this product as I definitely saw the desired result.



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