January Blues

We’re almost two weeks in, the wind is blowing, the temperature is dropping and the rain is washing away any hopes of sticking to those new years resolutions.

It’s hard.  Your body’s instinct is to get fat to keep you warm.  How can you keep munching on that carrot stick when in order to survive the Winter you need to eat half a loaf of white tiger bread?

If you’ve failed to keep your new years resolutions don’t worry, you’re not alone.  At least 80% of the population is right there with you (NB not official figures).

If you’re still on track, well done!  You’re the elite.  Tell yourself how amazing you are and really feel the accomplishment so you can keep going with it.

Now back to the rest of us who feel as though we’re going to gain 2 stone this year because we didn’t stick to our January plan.  Don’t be brainwashed by some rubbish traditions.  Everyday is a new day to be conquered.  If you weren’t your best self today, try to be better tomorrow.  You should always be aiming to better yourself but you don’t have to become that better person on 1st January and you are allowed to mess up, it’s only human.

If you’ve ditched your new kickboxing class you had planned on going to every day this year, chill.  That ambition was a bit out of your depth, obviously.  Just think next time you will have lasted a longer number of days in a row before you skip it for a lovely brunch.

Progress, that’s how lifestyle changes work.  Cold Turkey might be good after Christmas but it’s not the way to go about life changes into the new year.  it might work for some people and if so, great.  For the rest of us it’s best to take it one step at a time.  There is more of a chance of actually making a solid difference if your mindset is on lifestyle progression rather than reverting back to your old habits after the temptation finally takes over-“I’ve eaten one cookie, my life is over, I shall be fat forever and ever!”

I have many ambitions and they will all take hard work and focus whether it’s health, family or career focussed.  Try and picture what you want, if you want that more than that share size bar of galaxy-it shouldn’t be too hard.  Unfortunately it is, so all we can do is try our best and progress. If anyone does have the answer to why a bar of galaxy can defeat one of our lives ambitions, and more importantly a solution to this problem I am listening and will be grateful for your wise words.


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