My First Experience of Craniosacral Therapy

Unfortunately for the past week or so I have been suffering with a bad back.  Even more unfortunate is that no one is certain on exactly what the problem is.  It could be a strain or it could even be whiplash.  Not from a car accident or anything that major, but from me falling whilst on a run-I guess that shows I was running at a pretty good speed.  More of that story in my account of it in an earlier post.

This post is about my experience with craniosacral therapy, which I don’t claim to know much about apart from my experience of it.  My understanding is that the practitioner listens to the movement of the fluid surrounding the brain and spine and uses therapeutic touching to manipulate the synarthrodial (little or no movement) joints of the cranium.

I decided to try this as I needed something to relax and release tension.  I am a very tense person and usually I just deal with this but more tension in my back would result in a longer recovery time or would add to my already painful injury. 

There are other methods to decrease tension, however as of yet I haven’t found one that I could feel the benefits of so quickly.  I do aim to do more yoga and eventually be able to start my day with a series of postures and maybe one day even be able to meditate.  However I needed something when I couldn’t really move properly and last time I tried meditation it didn’t quite get the affect I was looking for and I believe it will take time to get to a place where it would be beneficial.

That is why I turned to a session of craniosacral therapy.  I was sceptical at first.  How could you be relaxed while someone is touching your feet?  Surely the anxiety levels shoot up when they move to holding your head whilst you are trying to be in a deep relaxation.

However, this has been the most relaxed I have probably ever been or at least that I can remember.  I am still not crystal clear on how the science works but I do know it worked for me.  I could just feel my body sinking into the bed and when the session was over I just wanted to stay in that deep relaxation.

Of course one session doesn’t completely fix you but it was enough to make a big difference for that day.  It is definitely a method of therapy that requires several sessions however from the first session I can feel how it would be beneficial.


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