No Pain, No Gain-It’s not that simple

Okay well generally I completely agree with the “no pain, no gain” mantra.  You get what you work for and it won’t come easy.  However when it comes to injuries you can’t just work through the pain.

I started writing this whilst lying on my back not really being able to move.  I don’t know whether this could have been avoided if I had just listened to my body.  I would at least be in a slightly better condition.

In my lyrical dance class I started to feel a twinge at the top of my spine.  Being me I pushed through.  Lyrical is my favourite style of dance and I wasn’t going to sit out when I could be in this amazing dance where everything just feels so amazing.  So I continued to dance with pain.

Jump to that night this pain had progressed to the point where I could not move my head.  I could barely move at all.  That night I had absolutely no sleep because I was in so much pain.

Cut to over a week of missing out on college all because I didn’t listen to what my body was telling me.  I regret not sitting out for that ten minutes at the end of class which may have saved me those two days.

I’m the type of person who hates anyone telling me what to do.  That also relates to my body.  In some cases this can be good as I need to work hard to be able to progress as a dancer.  However when I ignore that my body needs rest time in order to recover, it could be fatal to my dance career.

My advice to anyone is listen to what your body is telling you.  Which sounds simple but when you’re in that situation you just want to continue doing what you love.  But if it comes down to taking it easy for a day or being out of action for a couple of weeks/months I think we all know what the best decision is.  Yes it’s annoying not being able to do something because of an injury.  But if what you are doing is only increasing that injury you are just damaging your chances of returning with full health and ability.

I’m not pretending to be some person of wisdom.  Yes, this is obvious advice.  I’m just saying I know how it feels to miss class for a week, it’s torture and it’s a whole lot worse if you have to sit out for longer.  Just think if you’re body is trying to tell you something, maybe listen as it is trying to help you out and save you from a longer term injury.

I am now beginning to join in with classes again.  However I have to be careful with what I can do.  It is very frustrating watching everyone else doing what you love.  And it’s worse if they complain about it.  I’m sure I’ve been that person before, but when you are injured nothing is more frustrating.


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