Apologies To Me, From Me

I haven’t written a blog post in *cough* a month.  It’s only really myself that I’ve let down.  I was on such a roll, I had been posting twice a week for 3 months.  Then it stopped.  I could write a thousand and one excuses from back problems to college assessments, but none really hold with me.  If there was so much going on, surely there was more to write about?

Sometimes it is hard to motivate yourself.  I love writing and hopefully one day I can write something that people will appreciate, whether it’s a novel, an article or a more gripping blog.  But until I can do that I need a bit of practice.

Yes, I have actually started a novel!  Here’s a sneak peek.  Estimated release date June 2036

It’s scary to share your thoughts, let alone leaving it on a platform where anyone could stumble across it.  Yes I may not have a big following, but even the thought that one person can see into your mind is a bit scary.

So not only do I blog to practice writing, it is a way that I can become comfortable with who I am and being able to share that.   Some people might not be able to understand this concept, but I’m guessing that most of us do on some level or another.Summer is Coming

I’m not going to promise myself that I will forevermore be posting twice weekly.  I will write when I can and hopefully I can get back on that track.  What is important is that I don’t give up on something because I’ve had a bit of a set back.  I often see things as a failure if they’re not a success.  This is just my mindset.  I’m the type of person who is either always on the go, accomplishing many things, being healthy, active and productive or I do nothing, I get in a slump where TV is my one and only, until I am hit by inspiration and pick myself up again.  Yeah not the best of ways to live, and I am trying to fix that.

Apologies to me from me for letting myself down.  Here’s to more regular posting.



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