-Why Did No One Tell Me This Before?

I have discovered a new found addiction, It is a new necessity if you are like me love theatre but don’t have much money and even if you did no time to go. My only free times are weekend mornings, live theatre is pretty hard to come by at that time.
On this Netflix for the theatre geek are a variety of productions including plays, musicals, dance and opera.  Unfortunately it isn’t all for free. There is a small cost but they have to be able to run the site somehow. You can both rent and buy the recordings and you can watch for as little as £2.99!
Maybe I am the only person that hasn’t already made this amazing discovery or maybe I’m one of the lucky few. Probably the former as it was the first website that came up when looking for theatre online.
All I can say is go there now It could change your life (bit dramatic I know, I am a theatre student).
Have fun watching I know I will.

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