Now You See Me Now You Don’t

Drama school auditions are a strange concept. You take part in workshops where you bond with many people. You may have breaks in which you learn a lot about a persons life. You go back to the audition wishing them luck.  Then they are never to be seen again.

Don’t get me wrong some people I meet at auditions I am perfectly fine with not ever seeing again. But the majority are lovely, genuine people with similar interests to you, leading a similar life which some of your friends could never understand.

I have met people that I have bonded with instantly whether it’s because we have been through similar things or have similar interests even outside of performing. I once met someone who studied pretty much the same course as me at University, so we instantly had something to talk about. There have been many other people that I have felt an instant connection with. Yet these people are only in our lives for a couple of hours.

I don’t know whether it’s a confidence thing or not, to keep (or not to) in touch with these people. I mean there are only so many people that you can stay connected to, and you wonder whether they feel the same way. However I feel that these people could possibly be great friends for the future. Just circumstance says they are only a friend for a day. And then we all move on. Back to our lives.

Often I wonder where these people will end up. Did they get in? Are they still performing? Imagine if I have had lunch with a future Leo or Kate and I didn’t even become Facebook friends with them. And by the time I am home I don’t even remember their names.

kate and leo


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