Laura Loves-June 2016

Yes it’s been a long time since I have shared what I have enjoyed.  I have been busy and distracted; not in the right mindset at all.  I am back, who knows how for as long I am forever rejoining the blogging world.

At least for now this is what I have been enjoying in June.

The Referendum

brexitControversial I know but I actually enjoyed the lead up to the referendum.  I watched the debates with eager ears.  It was great that people who don’t normally talk about politics were finally wanting to learn about how our world works.  Yes there were less than stellar tactics on both sides however no one could actually give facts as we were given the choice of a decision, in or out; and not how the country would be run after each decision.  It still however baffles me that people can have such a strong opinion when they didn’t even know the EU existed a few years ago.  Hears to political progress and widening the outreach.

Gloria Steinem:Life on the Road

gloriaYeah I know I’m a bit late to the party on this one.  Or rather I arrived at the same time as everyone else but I’m overstaying my welcome.  Finally I had some time on my hands when being confined to my dressing room to read.  With the constant debating and talk of politics it was a great time to read about her life searching for social equality and justice.  It’s definitely worth a read so many interesting stories.


So I found out skittles are vegan.  I’m not vegan but I am attempting to eat less animal produce and maybe once I have discovered some great vegan dishes I’ll actually take the plunge.  These however I will leave behind in June as I am banishing refined sugar from my life.


False Eye Lashes

eyeashYou’d think me growing up taking part in dance shows I would already have experienced this hype.  Due to hay fever and  pure laziness, it wasn’t until this month that I actually wore them.  I did have to have a friend applicate them for me but maybe one day I will learn.  I am not a fan of falsies for everyday wear, I do prefer the natural look; however on stage they do make such a difference.



Ok so I haven’t actually ran that much in June but in April and May I really got into it and have been missing it this month.  I started with a few 3k runs.  They weren’t regular but whenever I could fit them in.  Then me and my mum decided to join our local park run, an organisation that holds 5km runs on Saturdays.  I was shocked that the first time I did it I actually ran the whole way.  I hope to blog more about running in the future.  It is a great way to improve my cardiovascular fitness and is a nice meditative time for me to clear my mind.


That’s me for June.  I will be back to let you know what I’ve been enjoying in July.  Maybe it will include some healthy recipes I find or even a new way of exercising.

Until next time

Laura Joan xx

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