Summertime Sadness

It’s July!  Although the title may read otherwise.  I am really looking forward to Summer.  I can’t believe it’s here already.  This year has been moving so quickly that I hope Summer doesn’t whizz by too.

Mostly when I think of Summer I think of sun, sea, BBQ’s and fresh fruit.  All pretty good right?  It’s a shame that this season is also surrounded by a lot of negativity specifically about getting bikini body ready.  Why should anyone be pressured to look a certain way.  I don’t judge those who aspire to become bikini body ready.  In fact I am one of those people-and I hate myself for it.

I am a walking contradiction.  I hate that this phrase is a normal part of life and that as a society we promote a certain body type.  Yet my aim for the Summer is to get fit and toned.  Being in the dance industry you have to be top of your fitness game.  I would love to say in order to jump and kick higher, but unfortunately it’s more to do with how commercially appealing you look.

The most important thing for me is to skip the sugary snacks so the small layer of fat can disappear and reveal my muscles.  I would be happy as a regular person with that body shape, some people might even be jealous.  Being (not looking!) fit and healthy should be an aim for everybody.  However in the dance world and in other industries it isn’t enough to be the at the peak of your physical ability (although the official line is that’s fine.)  In reality the people who get the jobs are very rarely the ones with curves or a larger skeletal build.

I am a tall girl but my slightly larger than average skeletal make up can make me look like a giant compared to my slight physiqued competition friends.  My aim is to get to the peak of my physical capabilities.  It’s going to be hard as I do love  a share size bag of sweets.  But this is my dream so I’m willing to put my all in and make a lifestyle change in order to give myself the best possible chance.

I’m hoping my natural physique at its peak is enough to work in this industry.  It’s a shame that even though dancers can be amazingly talented and toned they are still not deemed good looking by the industry.  I hope this changes not just for me but for anyone else who struggles with fitting in with the prescribed image.

As a dancer I want to be judged on my talent.  Yes, sometimes a certain look fits a certain role-I do understand this however being ruled out of everything despite being very fit and healthy but your hips are a few inches over the “ideal” shape is disheartening.

Unfortunately I can’t change the industry in order to achieve success in my chosen field I need to at least try and conform to their ideals.  Perhaps one day I can help change the outlook of not just the dance industry but society as a whole.

For now I need to stay positive and get as healthy and fit as possible so that I give myself the best possible chance.  Even if I can’t physically look like what the industry requires achieving a healthy body will help me also achieve a healthy and happy mind which will help with the many rejections that this industry guarantees.

Until next time

Laura Joan xx

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