I made it! I am human after all

In 6 weeks time I will be starting my journey with the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain.  After a couple of auditions I got my offer to study on their three week intensive senior acting course this Summer.

I am buzzing.  When I got the email it was confirmation yet again of what I want to do with my life.  I had never felt that excited about anything before.  Weirdly it made me feel human.  For some reason I am a person who hides my true emotions.  That’s probably one of the reasons I need to act so that I can let go of some emotional baggage without anyone realising that I’m vulnerable.

This elated feeling is addictive.  I want to feel that excited and happy more often.  Doing what I love is how to get that feeling.  Of course there are going to be tough times which need to be had in order to reach the success and the feeling success brings.  However every journey needs to be enjoyed and I hope I can better embrace excitement and happiness in the future.

I genuinely didn’t think I would ever literally jump around with joy.  I never understood people who could easily get so excited.  Maybe it’s because I am growing as a person and everyday I learn more about myself and my wants and needs.

Hopefully me learning what makes me happy will make it easier for me to embrace this emotion in the future.

Until next time

Laura Joan xx

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