Who do I think I am?

Of course I forgot what my interests were.

The hardest part of auditions in my opinion is the interview. I tend to carry myself well in terms of my voice and body language and seem to know what I’m saying yet when I come out there is a list of things that I could have said that would make me much more appealing as an applicant. 

A common question is what are your interests outside of acting/performing. All I can seem to think about is that that is all I do. My course is performing arts and then I work at the weekends. There is no other time!

Of course I come out and remember that I love history and politics and I could even do a nice link into how that informs my acting. But no I come across as a boring 2 dimensional person who is an actress yet isn’t interested in anything else. BORING.

We all can suffer from mind blanks but I prepared these answers. If I had just had a quick glance over my notes beforehand maybe I would have been able to seem more appealing.

There is always so much you want to let the interviewer know. Yet not seem like your rambling. It was a good idea to write down possible questions and my answers, however it only works if you then look at your notes. I got distracted by people. It is great to get to know other people. Sometimes it looks good that you are sociable and not isolating yourself. Maybe I could have put all my notes onto a flash card which would have been easier to have a glance at even during conversations. Oh well. Lesson learned.

Until next time

Laura Joan xx

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