Resisting the Urge-Refined Sugar

The no sugar diet 

Well not completely. Just not the processed stuff. 

I managed to do this for four weeks of my life. It did help that during those weeks I was busy which meant I had no cravings due to pure boredom. It was hard but a lot  easier than I was expecting. 

What was really interesting was the way it affected me. Not just physically because yeah my abs were definitely more visible but the biggest impact was mentally. Not only was I more focussed and energised but I was also happier (and not just because my abs were surfacing). 

The best thing was that after my four weeks when I reintroduced processed sugary sweets back into my diet they didn’t satisfy me. They tasted too sweet. 

Unfortunately it’s not just the taste I am addicted to and processed sugar is back in my life. But I hope to one day kick it completely. And knowing I have done it before does help. 

Until next time

Laura Joan xx





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