Summer is over…

Well, yet again it has been a while since I have typed upon these keys.  The olympics have been and gone, I have, again changed my life’s direction and we have a new Prime Minister.

My Summer was both hectic and amazing.  The first few weeks did just consist of working, looking out the window at a beach full of red bodies with beaming smiles, but this was all done to pay me through my National Youth Theatre course which I was to start in August.

It was amazing, I’ll leave it at that as I’ll post a more detailed account in good time.

To update my present status, I am a fully fledged student-again.  I had started University before, trained for a year at dance college, and now I am back at University again-life isn’t always as straight forward as they make it seem to be.

Anyway more is to come on what I am doing now.  I am trying out being a Londoner-well I have an oyster card which is a start.  I am still very much a visitor for the time being, we’ll see how it goes.  So luckily for me I will be visiting the theatre more often so hopefully I will be able to post about what I see, and about anything else that I might get caught up in in this busy city.

Until next time,

Laura Joan xx

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