Sometimes we all go through life a little too fast.  We want results now.  Success, in most cases takes time.  I often have to remind myself of the achievements along the way instead of focussing on the end goal.

The plan is to enjoy life so that when I am successful I’m not unhappy.  Achieving a goal doesn’t mean you’re going to be happy all of the time.  No matter where you come from privileged or not we all face our own battles.  If we were happy all of the time we wouldn’t appreciate the good times.

Despite this, urgency is sometimes a good thing.  Whether it’s grabbing opportunities or sometimes putting yourself before others.  Most importantly when you go into a lecture late-please have a bit more urgency.  It’s bad enough being distracted by your lateness but when you take 5 minutes to walk through the door and another 5 minutes deciding where to sit it’s a bit distracting, and we’re all paying a lot of money for this.

Until next time,

Laura Joan xx

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