Spreading Yourself Too Thin

I am the absolute worst for this.  I have the best of intentions I am interested in everything, want to do everything, commit to everything-then ultimately have to let others/myself down or at least not do the best that I could have done.

My most recent experience of this was going to my University’s volunteering fair.  I signed up for a few company’s that I was interested in.  One week later and I’m being bombarded with information about applications, interviews and events.  I had to decline most of these opportunities.  It would have been better if I had known my limitations before signing up.  If I knew what I had to offer I would know if I could realistically help.

Sometimes you have to try different things before knowing what you want to stick with.  The problem comes when you have to choose between these things.  It’s great to do as much as you can.  At the same time it’s hard not to put too much pressure on yourself, especially if you’re anything like me.

I came to University and signed up for lots of different societies and sports which is great, I didn’t know my timetable or what I could commit to or even what I would enjoy so I tried out everything.  Also it’s such a good way to meet people and I had a fear I wouldn’t meet the right people that I would get on with-so I tried to meet everybody.

Now I have to think about me.  Ask myself what do I want and what do I need.  It’s going to be better to put my all into a few things rather than be committed to so many things that I don’t have time for myself or my uni work.

There are so many things I want to carry on doing at my time at University, so for now time management is key.  Luckily I’m a first year so I have more time for things outside of my studies.  I have already narrowed down what I want to get involved with.  Next year I may have to make some more difficult choices.  This year is my time to experience as much as I can so that  I can find out what my passions are, where I have fun and if anything will help me in my future.

For now my aim is to not get too stressed over things that really aren’t worth stressing about.  Having fun whilst handing in work on time are my priorities and anything else is great, but it’s not the end of the world.

Until next time,

Laura Joan xx

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