Change Takes Time

I am one to jump head first into a new life.  As soon as I have a vision of what I want and where I want to be I do what I can to get there.  It’s hard to remind yourself that this big transformation will take time.  A new person doesn’t just appear over night.  When I say new person, I mean a person with this new outlook, if anything, closer to the real you.

Patience is key.  I want the perfect life now.  But that’s not going to happen.  Good things take time.  Friendships, relationships, it takes time to be comfortable with people.  Everything has to be new and challenging before something becomes routine and second nature to you.

I had an image of moving to London going to University and having this fun academically challenging life.  Going to the theatre every week, keeping fit, having great friends to hang out with all the time.  It’s not that this life isn’t going to happen.  But I do need to have some patience.  It is ok for everything not to be perfect straight away.  Good things, ultimately come to those who wait.

Until next time,

Laura Joan xx

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