The First Date

Pre Date…

So I’m getting ready to go out.  It’s such a weird feeling not knowing who you are going to meet.  Slightly anxious over whether I’ll be able to recognise him from his profile picture.  Also it’s strange that I’m also messaging 3 other guys within the hour before I am meant to meet No.1.  How can I go from not having a date in 2 years to this?

On the way…

Am I wearing the right thing? It was perfectly fine when I left, now I have an irrational anxiety that where we will be going will have a dress code-it was a bar.  I also felt like my coat was inadequate.  A Nike puffer jacket didn’t exactly tick the attractive and fashionable look that I was going for.  If only I had a fashionable warm coat-it’s now on the to do list.  Unfortunately body temperature trumped (sorry is it still too soon?) fashion.

Waiting at the tube station I walk past a large group of French guys.  The guy I was meeting was French.  For some insane reason I question the possibility that the guy I was meeting in 5 minutes was in this group.  Then I had a few minutes of awkwardly looking at this group of guys trying to see if any of them resembled his profile.  I must have looked very strange as I was trying not to stare.  Luckily I received a message telling me he was at the bar waiting.  Crisis averted.  Funnily enough he wasn’t in a massive group of ten guys before our date *face palm.

The Approach…

This is the bit I’ve been dreading.  How am I going to be able to tell who he is?!?!  I walk up to the bar and get my phone out to message him to say I’m coming in.  As I get to the door there’s a guy standing there alone.  This is so unbelievably awkward.  He was meant to be inside so I could tell him I was coming in and it would be obvious who he was.  Now I don’t know whether to walk in or not.  Is this him???  Now I’m closer, yes, yes I think that is him.  Oh really, that’s him.  Yeah he looked better in his pictures.  Anyway, it was him.  And it was very awkward.

I’m actually here…

He’s just gone to get us some cocktails.  Good choice of bar with a large range of cocktails.  It was a nice atmosphere and fairly busy which I was worried about since it was a Monday night.

I’m now looking over at him attempting to queue at a bar-is this guy serious? You’re French, you don’t queue?!?  But then maybe he just know us Brits love a good queue and he’s just a bit confused and overwhelmed (he had only been in London for two weeks).  I take a look back down at the menu not wanting to stare at him being awkward.

Ah, when he suggested cocktails I forgot how long they take to make.  I’ve re-read the menu.  I’m really trying to not look bored.  I’m getting the phone out (he had his out earlier so it’s ok).  Saying that, actually-why did he have his phone out?  Maybe I was taking too long deciding on a cocktail?  Anyway the phone came out.  Haha!  Tinder notification, better not let No.1 see that.  I’m sure he’s not naive and knows that I’d be talking to other guys but still best not to shove it in his face.

I should probably be getting back to my date…

Lots of Love

Laura Joan


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