Why so serious?

Guys, seriously what’s with the “here’s my life plan, I am a serious guy who has pleasure in doing serious things”?  I mean sure if that is actually who you are, live it, breathe it, proclaim it from the rooftops.  But if you’re not why pretend?

I might be alone here but when I go on a date I want to have fun.  Ideally from a date I want to have a good time, then even if it doesn’t progress at least I had a good time.  And if it does progress go ahead and get all serious but this is not what I want from someone I have only just started dating.  Good conversation, yes but not mundane how was your day in the library kind of stuff.  If you get stuck for conversation throw around some hypotheticals we can laugh over.  Seriously the best kinds of conversation are when you get really passionately defensive about your point of view on a pointless subject.  It’s perfect date material because you can have a laugh, it causes the right kind of tension and best of all you can tell a lot about a person by how they answer silly questions.

I know it might be nerves when they’re still getting to know a you, but honestly just be yourself and pretend you’re with a mate, just with a bit more flirting.  But even when it comes to flirting-have fun!  Nothing is worse than someone trying to be all romantic with you when you don’t really know them.  Having a laugh with someone breaks down some walls so it’s easier for you to get to that stage if you both so wish it to go there.

I think I’ve taken a lot from acting auditions on this one.  People are either going to like you or not.  Don’t try and pretend to be someone you’re not as that’s not going to help anyone.  If you’re yourself and someone doesn’t like you at least you found out sooner.  And if someone does like you for being you then great, that’s all any of us want.

Lots of Love

Laura Joan xx

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