Beauty AND Brains

There has been a lot of controversy around Emma Watson’s photoshoot for Vanity Fair.  If you haven’t already seen the controversial pictures you can read the article here.

Yeah I wouldn’t exactly call it controversial either.  But there are people out there who have called Emma a hypocrite, arguing that she cannot possibly stand and fight for equality for women and feature in a picture where she’s just shouting at the viewer that she is a woman.  Oooh boobs, I’d never have guessed Emma Watson had any, I’m utterly shocked and frankly appalled that Emma didn’t have the audacity to hide her womanhood.  She is the UN women goodwill ambassador, so of course she should hide the fact that she is a WOMAN in order to be respected (I mean if they need an ambassador for it you know that they aren’t exactly respected so she really should know better than parading her womanhood before the world.)

I know, absolutely ridiculous.  These people are calling her out for showing femininity.  She wasn’t even topless, but even if she was why should she have to hide her femininity in order to be treated equally and respected as a woman?

Unfortunately we live in a patriarchal society, which is getting a lot better but there is still lots that has to be done.  Legally women may be equal to men (well in my country anyway, there is a lot of work to do elsewhere) but there is still some way to go in changing social perceptions and norms.

Why is it a woman can’t be both considered intelligent and sexy?  Intelligence and respectability still cannot be linked with  anything remotely feminine.

There is this idea of the powerful and successful man.  We may now allow women into this world but she has to adapt to the man’s world.  Whether you think the qualities of intelligence and leadership are inherently different in males and females or not (I mean gender is totally a societal concept) but you cannot deny that women have the capabilities of being just as intelligent and sufficient to lead as a man.  But apparently these qualities are somehow linked with ones genitalia. Apparently we live in a world where you can only be one thing.  You cannot possibly be both respected and at the same time be a sexual being, well not if you’re a woman anyway-but seriously are boobs still that much of a deal in 2017?

But apparently being  a woman conflicts with anything that is respected in society, so if you can just try and hide anything that is intrinsically linked with the female sex you might find it easier to muddle through the patriarchy.  But of course you should really just tell the patriarchy to go fuck itself and be and do whatever you want.  And if that’s featuring in a photograph with a bit of under boob and representing women’s rights for the UN then you do you.  If you don’t it will never be accepted that people are people with human bodies AND human intellectual capabilities.

How this is still an actual discussion and debate I have no idea but unfortunately it is.

Lots of Love


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