Writing True, Revealing All

I’ve been feeling quite conflicted lately about the process of blogging.  I think it’s great that writers can write about their truth.  Readers then can see themselves in others and not feel alone, or just get lost in another’s story.

Lately I have been feeling as though some things shouldn’t be shared.  Not so much shouldn’t but for me personally I feel I need to keep a part of my life just for me.

I felt as though I had revealed too much of myself.  One of the reasons I began blogging was so that I would feel comfortable writing and expressing my feelings.  However I have discovered I have a limit.

I shared a very personal story, something I’m not exactly proud of, it demonstrated by vulnerability and humanity.  However I could possibly have shown this without revealing every inch of me.

I have huge respect for those people who can reveal everything.  I don’t know whether it’s because I’m not there yet or whether I’m not comfortable with certain things being out there for anyone to find.

When I blog I still seek to write truthfully and if I write a personal story it will be completely me and true.  However I may keep some stories to myself.

Until next time,


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