The Judgement

On the way back from a long hard day at work I decided to stop by my local shop and purchase some pick me ups.  In other words a bag of minstrels, some ripples and some jelly beans.  Yeah I know it’s a lot but it was a hard day and the healthy eating starts next week (yeah as always).  But also I’m going to be on a Vegan diet as of September so I’m making the most out of eating Galaxy while I still can.  Yes I know that sounds stupid as I’m still funding and eating a product which has a large amount of animal byproduct but as you will understand I don’t want to hear your judgements.  I judge myself enough already.

Anyway, as I’m walking to the till, my hands overflowing with sugary goodness a man walks past me and gives me (and my chocolate) such a dirty look.  He was full on judging me for my purchase (it could have been for my lack of planning, having not picked up a basket on entering the shop, however I can hedge my bets on the fact he was judging me for eating chocolate).

I’m glad he didn’t catch me buying tampons too.  I mean yes it may have been my ‘time’, but I did not want to give this man the satisfaction of knowing I was caving into the stereotypical needs of a woman on her period.  What guys don’t seem to understand is the pain and suffering which is involved in shedding the lining of one’s uterus is enough to allow ourselves to indulge in a bit of sugar.

This man had no right to judge me.  He did not know that I am trying to be healthy and he does not know that I haven’t been for a run in over a month.  I know these things and I’m allowed to judge myself.  He has no right.  But then again I did judge him for judging me.

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