Why so serious?

Guys, seriously what’s with the “here’s my life plan, I am a serious guy who has pleasure in doing serious things”?  I mean sure if that is actually who you are, live it, breathe it, proclaim it from the rooftops.  But if you’re not why pretend? Continue reading “Why so serious?”

Why they’re just not that into you?

This is an important post for me.  I have lost friendships over guys not understanding why I don’t want to be with them.  Constantly asking me what is it that wasn’t working?  What don’t you like about me?  I even had one guy have the audacity Continue reading “Why they’re just not that into you?”

It’s about time…

Tinder.  It’s been around for years now.  I’ve installed it and deleted it so many times I couldn’t tell you.  Previously I’ve just swiped through the many, many guys who were statistically not for me.  But hey I’ve been told it’s a numbers game.  If I rarely find anyone I like in the real world I might as well up my chances and join the virtual one. Continue reading “It’s about time…”

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