Victoria’s Secret:Fashion Show and Product Review

In anticipation of the show, of course I bought some biscuits and Christmas chocolates to munch on whilst gawking at the amazing bodies parading in front of me on the TV. It was great inspiration for me to stay fit over the Christmas holidays. Enough exercise for me means I can indulge without being too regretful. Continue reading “Victoria’s Secret:Fashion Show and Product Review”

Asos Saved List

I thought I would share my saved items from  I’m forever saving and hardly ever buying.  I love a good daydream, before reality sets in reminding me that I can’t even afford to buy the socks right now. Continue reading “Asos Saved List”

Black Friday

I only had a small amount of money to work with so the decision of what to actually purchase was a hard one.  

Since what I needed included sports bras and warm layers.  I decided to go with Victoria’s Secret.  They have some great deals on this weekend, including buy one get one half price on bras and a whopping 60% off sweaters (or jumpers to my fellow Brits).  Continue reading “Black Friday”

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