The Judgement

On the way back from a long hard day at work I decided to stop by my local shop and purchase some pick me ups.  In other words a bag of minstrels, some ripples and some jelly beans.  Yeah I know it’s a lot but it was a hard day and the healthy eating starts next week (yeah as always).   Continue reading “The Judgement”

Change Takes Time

I am one to jump head first into a new life.  As soon as I have a vision of what I want and where I want to be I do what I can to get there.  It’s hard to remind yourself that this big transformation will take time.  A new person doesn’t just appear over night.   Continue reading “Change Takes Time”


All through my teen years I spent hours of dreaming about moving away from home.  I would take my family to some place where no one knew me and I could start over.  Where i live isn’t exactly a small community, but somehow Continue reading “Home”


Trusting is a hard thing for me.  I am instantly wary of everyone.  It takes a long time to earn my trust.  It’s more than that though.  I’m sceptical of any new people in my life.  It’s getting better but often I will have had a great conversation or have a great time with a new person and I think Continue reading “Trust”

The Cage

Some people think I’m rash, some say I’m brave.  I’m not too sure which to be honest.  Maybe a bit of both?

Since forever, but particularly since leaving school I have felt lost.  Free-finally not having to go to the hell which was school.  Yet, I felt trapped by my freedom. Continue reading “The Cage”

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