My First Experience of Craniosacral Therapy

Unfortunately for the past week or so I have been suffering with a bad back.  Even more unfortunate is that no one is certain on exactly what the problem is.  It could be a strain or it could even be whiplash.  Not from a car accident or anything that major, but from me falling whilst on a run-I guess that shows I was running at a pretty good speed.  More of that story in my account of it in an earlier post. Continue reading

All for £54, ‘The Make Up Artist Collection’

So last weekend I ordered the Estee Lauder goody bag, ‘The Make Up Artist Collection’, full of products altogether worth over £290, and I got it all for £54.

I had heard that Estee Lauder normally do good deals but my expectations were still exceeded.  I had ordered the set still having some reservations, thinking that all of the products would be miniature, but no worry was needed.  Everything came as advertised and the only small sized products were ones that were explicitly advertised as so.  The packaging it came in just made it that bit more special.  I’ll definitely be making use of the bag it came in.

IMG_1077Deluxe Eye Palette, Blushes in Pink Kiss and Peach Passion

Recently I have been playing around with eye colour trying to find out what I like and what looks good on me.  I’m looking forward to playing around with these colours.  Recently I have been skipping out on the blush in my go to make up to cut the costs so it will be nice to reintroduce it to my look.

IMG_1079Limited Edition All Over Shimmer Compact

I am usually have quite a shiny complexion.  Hopefully this product will give me more of a glisten than my current shine.  This has come just in time for Christmas celebrations.

IMG_10733 Pure Color Lipsticks in Candy, Fuschia Fever and Rose Tea

I was so excited opening these up.  I couldn’t believe the set included 3 FULL SIZE lip sticks when they are usually around £25 each.

IMG_10742 Pure Color Glosses in Nude Rose and Shocking Pink

These are both lovely shades which are great to use when I don’t want a statement lip but still want them looking fab.

IMG_1081Sumptuous Extreme Mascara in Extreme Black

I have always wanted to try out this mascara.  I have a go to one that I have been sticking with.  I’ll have to see if this changes my ways.

IMG_1083Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

My eyes will thank me for this as I often wake up panda eyed despite having tried to remove my make up the night before.

IMG_1075Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II, 

Revitalizing Supreme Creme

I have tried both of these before and have thought they worked well so look forward to using them again.


Modern Muse Eau De Parfum

I love this scent, I had almost finished my previous free sample of this so it came at the right time.

IMG_1072Red Cosmetic Bag

It’s always good to have another make up bag and this one looks so chic.  I already love it.

2 free samples

Pure Color Envy Lip Potion, Enlighten Even Skintone Correcting Creme

I had already thought I had a great bargain then Estee Lauder threw in another two free samples which I could choose.  I went for the lip potion as I am always looking for new colours as I don’t have a set go to lip look.  I went for the skin tone correcting creme as I often have a red tint to my skin which I am desperately trying to remedy.  I have a couple of products lined up to try I’ll post any good finds if I do find any.


There it is, ‘The Make Up Artist Collection’ Estee Lauder’s awesome Black Friday deal.  I’m definitely going to be looking out for next years set.


Bend It Like Beckham-The Musical

I’m rather ashamed (being a performing arts student and all) that this was my first musical outing in (cough) a few years.  There are many other musicals that I would have had chosen to watch before ‘Bend It Like Beckham’.  It’s not that I didn’t want to watch it, I was actually really intrigued as to how they had managed to make it into a musical.  But there are other more appealing shows that I would have made the effort to see first. 

Having said that I really enjoyed it.  There were some good songs with both western and eastern vibes, a few interesting dance numbers of the girls training, some laugh out loud moments and a highly relatable storyline, not just to those with an Indian background.  Being set in 2001 there may be a feeling of the social comment being dated since there has been progress for both women and the treatment of other cultures, however it is still relevant as there are still many hurdles to get over in regards to both issues.  It’s worth a mention that on the night I went to see the show the main character of Jess was played by Sharan Phull who is the understudy.

Bend it Like Beckham

Taking my seat waiting for curtain up I admired the steps going onto the stage and the boarder being covered in fake grass.  The whole stage was bordered with white to give the image of a goal.  Throughout the show the set continued to surprise me.  The slick change of scenery flipping into the shops on Southall broadway to the sliding in of the girls bedrooms on a raised platform.

The music was a mix of surprisingly catchy songs such as ‘Girl Perfect’ which has been stuck in my head, the emotional songs of parents looking out for their children, ‘There she goes’, and ‘People like us’ the sorrowful song of the Father’s (of Jess the main character) unfulfilled dream due to the way he was treated because of the colour of his skin, projecting his fears and past onto his daughter.  There were also many moments musically with distinctive Indian influences, I particularly enjoyed ‘Heer/Golden Moment’ beginning with an angelic vocal.

The dancers were full of energy and entertaining throughout, convincing as a strongly bonded football team.  I thought the training number where the girls go through various training exercises was effective.  The football moves which the girls managed to perform were executed well.  I did have some unrealistic expectation of a ‘Get’cha Head in the Game’ type number with the girls doing choreographed football tricks.  Realising my rather high expectations I was admirable of what they did manage to perform on stage.  The perhaps simple moves of heading the ball is made multiple times harder, having to perform it in time to music and in front of a live audience; who would not be expecting a football to land in there lap, or worse their face.  The cast did however include a  footballer who could perform keepy uppies on demand, her invlolvement perhaps not completely necessary as there is a limited amount of football tricks that can be confined to the space of a stage surrounded by various lights and wires.  However having the show being a great support to women’s football it is nice to see a professional women’s player involved.

If you want a a great feel good experience with a slice of social comment with relatable characters and situations this is definitely worth a watch.



I have finally got around to watching ‘Wild’, the film based on the book ‘Wild: A Journey from Lost to Found’ by Cheryl Strayed.  I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as much as I did.  It was a great story of self discovery, vulnerability and strength.  I recommend it to anyone and once I’ve read the book I’m sure I’ll be able to say the same thing about that.

“denying/her wounds came from the same source as her power”1

The film features the poem ‘Power’ by Adrienne Rich.  I was drawn to the words spoken in the film and had to look it up right away.  I admired how Rich had placed strength and vulnerability hand in hand.  

I felt a connection to the words for various reasons.  In my professional life my strength is how I use my body.  Us dancers often put our bodies under so much stress in order to improve.  Doing the very thing we love can lead to success, but also has the risk of injury.  The drive to improve can occasionally hinder progress.

I also have an emotive connection.  As a performer it is a strength to have deep and varied emotions; I have this ability in me.  I have these strong emotions, however these rarely reach the surface as they can get trapped inside of me.  My inability to be open emotionally has made me hold onto my emotions, causing tension and anxiety.  It may be an advantage on one hand to have these emotions, however it has also caused problems.  There is a blockage of emotion inhibiting anything from escaping.

This is just my personal connection.  For me I can also see how it could relate to love, passion and desire.  Engaging in something which can give us strength yet can also easily destroy the beholder.  You may see something else entirely, or have a similar take to me; however putting the seemingly opposing feelings of strength and vulnerability together is surely an interesting motion.  Illustrating the complex state of the human mind, being able to feel multiple complementary and conflicting emotions simultaneously.


1’Power’, Adrienne Rich, The Dream of a common language, 1974-1977