Summer is over…

Well, yet again it has been a while since I have typed upon these keys.  The olympics have been and gone, I have, again changed my life’s direction and we have a new Prime Minister.

My Summer was both hectic and amazing.  The first few weeks Continue reading “Summer is over…”

Yoga Pants are for Yoga

That time between Christmas and New Year is, as many people say confusing.  You can’t start being healthy yet, that’s for the new year.  You can’t be productive, as your brain still can’t function after all the food you’ve consumed over Christmas. Basically it’s a no man’s land,  a limbo.

For the first half of this week, I very much felt in limbo, unsure what to do with myself as doing actual work felt a bit too heavy for the Christmas holidays, yet I felt there was only so much TV I could watch and I had reached that limit where you are physically in front of the television set, but the mind will no longer focus.

Therefore I found myself wanting to go for a run, I do enjoy running however often it requires a bit more mental preparation.  So there I was enthused for physical activity which I desperately needed and had been lacking for weeks.  I was geared up with my new active bluetooth headphones, got the dog ready and off I went.

5 minutes in, so far so good, the endorphins were being released into my body, the sun was picturesque balancing over the horizon, then the music was jumping.  Ok, breathe, with a little adjustment I was soon off again.  There were a couple of looks in my direction, but I put it down to last week of the year limbo confusion.  Had they really just seen someone running, before January?

Becoming more annoyed with the sound system as it was becoming noticeably louder as I was approaching the choppy and loud sea.  I stopped again to take a look at my new tech.  I removed my headphones, the music I could hear better than ever.  Confused I was, until I realised the music had been playing out of my phone, out loud to the members of the public I was passing (hence the earlier looks).  The shame, the embarrassment.  The pure tension running through my body at the interference of my run.  It was a beautiful day with picturesque scenes, I didn’t have to force myself to go, I had nowhere else to be that day.  I was supposed to be calm.  Until this.  My brand new headphones betraying me.  I couldn’t take it anymore.  I walked for a bit and just because I felt I needed to did a sprint finish.  Overall an unsuccessful venture.

However disheartened I had been the next day I was up and ready for another attempt at a peaceful run.  I had recharged my headphones, believing this to be the problem the previous day.  Put on my running gear including some new kit thanks to Christmas.  Again the sun was shining and off I went.  Needing to find a route near where I live for short morning runs before college I set off on a new route.  It was rather windy heading out, however the bright sky was wiping any other annoyances away.

5 minutes in.  It’s great the endorphins are being released into my body, Selena effortlessly singing in my ears with no interruption.  Then the ground was slowly but surely rising.  What?  Wait no…no.  It wasn’t the ground rising.  It was me.  Falling.  Slowly.  Usually I’m pretty good at the, I almost fell but jumped out of it casually with a hair flick manoeuvre.  Half way down and I realised that move wasn’t happening today.  Thump, right onto my knees.  Slightly embarrassed, I looked around for possible spectators, thankfully there were none to be seen.  Ready to set off and continue-I was going to finish the run.  Looking down to dust the gravel of me and that’s when I saw it.  That’s when I realised you can’t be fit and healthy in the last week of the year.  Fate will not allow it.

Looking down at my knees I was in shock.  Both knees of my brand new Victoria’s Secret leggings were missing.  For Christmas I had received some gorgeous yoga pants.  High waisted, which for me is an essential because I don’t want to be worrying about a builders bum and I feel much more comfortable covering the pouch (hopefully by the end of this year that won’t be as much of a problem-well I can dream.)

Two holes with frayed edges were staring right at me.  Killing me a bit inside.  I was in such shock that it took me a while to realise that within these holes stood my knees, scuffed and bleeding.  That was it.  I couldn’t complete my run.  Again.  Fate did not want me to run again in 2015.  I don’t know why but it wasn’t letting me.  It wasn’t even a new thing.  I’ve been running semi regularly for a few years but mother nature wasn’t having it.  So here I am writing this ridiculous and heart breaking story about my yoga pants I got bought for Christmas that are now ruined whilst balancing my computer on my now still tender knees.

So yeah it’s 2016 and still no run.  Eventually it will happen and hopefully it will be more peaceful than my last couple of attempts.  Here’s to hoping.






Back to Brighton

This week I finally had enough time to go back to Brighton.  I only lived there for a year but it was probably the best year of my life so far.  It holds so many memories for me, so it was great to go back and visit some friends.

I was only there for a day and lots of catching up was done.  Also lots of shopping.  Well at least window shopping.  I took a couple of pics of things that I have put on my wish list.

I do love the shop layout at Urban Outfitters.  Their set up makes their already appealing stock even more desirable.cute setup  There were loads of great gift ideas, this one I rather liked and would be a good present for quite a few of my family.

Good gift idea

I also treated myself to an early Christmas present from my Gran, which I will be wearing before Christmas.  It was in the sale and although its quite a simple t-shirt I thought it was quite versatile as I could dress it up for drinks with the right skirt, casual with jeans and can also wear it to college. UO teeI also had a Mac voucher from my birthday which I allowed myself to spend, looking around the shop with the idea of actually buying something was a welcome change.  Although I have always wanted to try lots of the different lipsticks I went for a highlighter.  It was something I needed and could wear all the time.  Whereas a bold lip colour I would not use everyday.  I decided to go for the ‘Soft and Gentle Mineralize Skin finish’ which I have grown to love even more since purchasing.  I would definitely recommend it.New purchase

Whilst in Brighton I enjoyed a lovely night in with my girlfriends where we had fajitas, which is a great meal to have especially when you’re all students and skint.  It’s easy to make just having to cook the chicken, pour in the fajita mix and add anything else you fancy such as peppers or onions-and if it wasn’t obvious the tortillas.  I also use an avocado paste, sour creme and salsa for extra flavourings .  Then all you need is the cheese and some salad and you’re good to go.  Well hopefully you know how to wrap a fajita properly (you have to remember to fold up the bottom!)

Before I left I managed to meet up with another friend, catching up during a short walk through the lanes followed by lunch at a lovely little cafe, Farm on North Road.  They have a good selection of light bites as well as heavier meals.  I went for the chicken panini which was delicious and some chips on the side because I just couldn’t resist.

My visit was short but sweet, I loved being back in Brighton and hope to be back soon.  The only thing that annoyed me was the darkness which descends way too early.  Then that is happening all over the country, not just Brighton.


Packing for a Short Trip

I always find packing a nightmare.  I am only away for two nights, so it shouldn’t be as hard as it was.  I had to fit everything in a bag that I could easily walk around carrying.   Therefore everything had to fit into my fairly small rucksack without anything getting too squashed.Stuffed bag

Deciding what to wear before I have to wear it is always a difficult one for me, especially when I don’t really know what I’ll be doing.  I often regret my decisions.  For the first day I decided to wear my dungaree dress from Forever 21, which I have only recently worn in Winter with my black roll neck from Urban Outfitters so it feels like a new look despite owning the dress for a couple of years.  Roll neck and dungareesI packed my rust skirt from Topshop.  It is still fairly new so it still gives me that special I’m wearing something new feeling.  With that I wear a plain black long sleeve tee from Urban Outfitters.  What makes this outfit especially good for the trip is that the materials both survive being crushed into a bag.  Skirt and teeOn the way home I can reuse the roll neck with the rust skirt so it’s three outfits as I’m rotating the tops.

I decided to stick to one pair of shoes.  I am not going clubbing so no need to prepare for sticky floors.  These shoes are flat, so work for lots of walking around during the day, yet still classy and smart (or in other words: my only pair of shoes that aren’t trainers or heels) so work for drinks too.Shoes

My make up bag was hard to cut down as I like to decide on my look the day of.  However tough decisions were made.  Eyeliner didn’t make the cut as recently it has been crumbling (therefore am in search for a better one)  so it was easy to remove from the shortlist.  I took my trusted Estee Lauder concealer and powder, some bronzer (Benefit’s Hoola) and a few options for lips so I at least have some creative control on the day.  I also packed some moisturiser (a freebie from a magazine to save space) and my anti redness cream from Clinique which has so far proven well, review to come.Make up bag

Then of course I had my necessities such as toothbrush, hairbrush, grips and bands, deodorant and dry shampoo.  I also took my camping towel as I always forget to pack a towel but a regular one takes up too much space.Little extras

Then of course I had my essentials that I cannot travel without;  headphones for when I’m too tired to keep my eyes open,  my notebook because actually writing can sometimes be more satisfying than typing, my iPad because my hand cannot deal with writing for three hours non stop and my glasses, which I guess are self explanatory.Travel withSo that’s what I packed for my two day visit.  I would have used a slightly larger rucksack if I owned one but my next size up bag was a suitcase which is too much hassle travelling with around the underground and when I will be walking a lot a ruck sack is the much easier option.


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