The Cage

Some people think I’m rash, some say I’m brave.  I’m not too sure which to be honest.  Maybe a bit of both?

Since forever, but particularly since leaving school I have felt lost.  Free-finally not having to go to the hell which was school.  Yet, I felt trapped by my freedom. Continue reading “The Cage”

New Year, New You

I have had many aims of reinvention.  Secondary school, sixth form, University, performing arts college.  Forever hoping that one day I will wake up as the image of my visions of the new, better, upgraded me. Continue reading “New Year, New You”

Changing Direction

Our lives are ever changing journeys with various views and choices of destination.

We embark on journeys with a plan.  Often we stick to the shortest and most convenient route.  However this, in most cases is not the only road.

Along the way there are unforeseen circumstances which might make us turn in another direction, make a u turn, or head toward a different destination.

Recently the route I was taking became a 4 year long roundabout.  One year in I felt as though this was a means to an end.  The roundabout was the scenic route however the view became the same blur, giving me nothing new, only visions of the direction I could have traveled.  Why wait 3 more years to continue with a journey which is no longer fulfilling, when I could drive back and make a new plan?

The final destination has stayed the same, I am now just looking at it from another perspective.  The route has been adjusted.  It is a steep hill but I will know that I am moving forward in the right direction, at least for now.


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