All through my teen years I spent hours of dreaming about moving away from home.  I would take my family to some place where no one knew me and I could start over.  Where i live isn’t exactly a small community, but somehow Continue reading “Home”

Scratching the Surface

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the masks we all wear daily.  Asking myself who have I really seen and who has really seen me?  How can I let people see what’s beneath the surface, what’s underground.

These masks we wear can be both a deception, but also protection.  I don’t wear a mask to be fake Continue reading “Scratching the Surface”


Waiting on life to start

This might not be ideal

It might not ever come

The future’s so surreal


Just take some action now

This shadow makes you numb

It’s your life take control

The best is yet to come


Laura Joan xx




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