New Year, New You

I have had many aims of reinvention.  Secondary school, sixth form, University, performing arts college.  Forever hoping that one day I will wake up as the image of my visions of the new, better, upgraded me. Continue reading “New Year, New You”

New Year, New Blog

This is my first blog post…exciting stuff.  Why did I decide today of all days to actually join the world of blogging?  Well, what else can I say apart from the fact I needed a start date (and what’s a better start date than the start of the year) to make that gut wrenching move, that one click that has lots of build up, filled with insecurities and questions of why this is a bad idea and despite it all, press that publish button.  If you’re reading this, it means I’ve done it.  Yay!!!

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A lot of us look at the new year as a time to improve on ourselves.  Whether it’s getting healthy, doing better at work/school or just attempting to live a more fulfilling life.

Every year these resolutions are made.  Promises to ourselves that we are going to become better people than our currently turkey stuffed, present receiving, lazing around by the fire selves.

And every year these aims seem to be the same.  Unless you’re one of the few people who did become a healthy, more active person who is in tune with their true selves-in which case well done you! For most people life gets in the way.  Our resolutions fall by the wayside as we eat the last few chocolate coins leftover from Christmas, giving up hope of getting back on track.

The problem is often the way we plan on achieving our goals.  Whether it’s running on and on, with that same view on that cherished treadmill, or whether it’s cutting out the foods we love completely.  If you’re not looking forward to the journey of achieving your goals, it is doomed to fail.

The solution.  Find a way of reaching your goals that makes you feel good while you’re doing it, not just the end goal.  Find an exercise class or a team sport you enjoy, have fun and meet new people.  If you don’t like the idea of lots of sweaty bodies around you, find a good route to start running or walking, taking in the beauty of nature is a much better motivation than that same brick wall.fitnessjogThe plan of all these aims are to make us happier about ourselves, so don’t approach how you do it negatively.  Try to look at the change of lifestyle or mindset as a positive move.  Eating healthier and exercising more does make us feel more energised and buzzing with endorphins.  Being true to yourself releases stress and makes you feel happier, don’t let anything stop you from being you. 

Look forward to a new healthier you, now, not after a couple of months of starvation and painful gym trips.  That new you will only be a temporary you, lasting only until you fall back into your normal (no pain or fatty food) routine.  And don’t forget you’re allowed to go off track occasionally, it doesn’t mean you have failed.  If you work on your goals most of the time you will get the outcome you want.Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 17.03.36My resolution is to stay true to myself, allowing myself to be me, not letting any insecurities get in the way. 

Good luck in any of your resolutions.  Just don’t sacrifice your happiness.  If you need to be healthier, achieve it by doing something you enjoy.

Laura Joan x

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