January Blues

We’re almost two weeks in, the wind is blowing, the temperature is dropping and the rain is washing away any hopes of sticking to those new years resolutions.

It’s hard.  Your body’s instinct is to get fat to keep you warm.  How can you keep munching on that carrot stick when in order to survive the Winter you need to eat half a loaf of white tiger bread? Continue reading “January Blues”

Making the Most of 2016

Since 2015 is coming to an end and everyone is coming up with resolutions that they may or may not break, I thought I would jump on the band wagon and think about if I wanted to change anything or do anything differently.  And of course, the answer was yes because I am not perfect, though I do try hard to be sometimes.  Here is a list of what I want to make more time for in 2016 and beyond.


My problem with reading is that I tend to get so engrossed in a book that nothing else matters. So I end up only reading when on a break from regular life.  I might try either reading more poems or perhaps an article every now and again as then I can read without the problem of getting stuck in another world.  I’ll probably leave the fiction novels until I have some time where I can allow myself to be absorbed, so my aim is to read more fiction during the holidays.

Friends Friends

The people that mean so much to me (not the TV show, if anything I spend too much time on that). They are the ones that have chosen to be there for me in the past and surprisingly seem to understand me. Both my school friends and my university friends have done a lot for me in different ways. I do not want to lose touch with the people that actually make me feel as though I fit in for once. I don’t have to apologise for who I am or be worried about what I do or say because I have been both the best version of me and the worst around them and they are still there for me. Making that extra effort for a weekend visit or putting aside an hour for a Skype session is not a high price to pay to keep them in my life. Sometimes I feel as though I have no time for anything. And it’s great that I have friends that I can get on with just as well having not seen them for a year. But I don’t want it to end up being a whole year every time. 

TheatreTheatre masks

Try to find cheap ways of actually going to see some of the shows I am dreaming of being in. There was a reason I chose to train in performing arts. It’s taking up so much time and money that I find myself not immersing myself in the world as much as I can. Whether it’s watching a fringe show which I might be able to afford or watching the live recordings at the cinema.

Working out


Yes my course consists of a ridiculous amount of hours of physical exercise. However everyone on my course is doing the exact same. If I want to get ahead I’m going to have to do more than everyone else that has done the same training as me. If it’s getting up slightly earlier to go for a run or filling my lunch with some sit ups. I have chosen to be in this competitive world. I might as well do everything I can to get what I want. 


Of course there is also the obvious being more healthy and doing what I can to be happy but that’s what I aim for all the time even though it doesn’t always pan out.  I hope the goals I’ve set out here are actually achievable.  Putting my plan of action out into the world hopefully means I will make even more of an effort to actually stick to it.


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