back at the bottom

the cycle begins again








the struggle getting up

floating with ease above

to drop swiftly

crash landing to begin again

Laura Joan xx

The World Keeps on Spinning

The world carries on,

They are none the wiser,

Just another face,

In the daily race.


Stuck in our stories,

Separate books on the shelf,

See behind those eyes,

A soul does there lie.


I show to the world,

My hard leather cover,

My pages fragile,

Just make the next mile.


Strangers are staring,

See cracks in the cover,

Each look weighs a ton,

They keep walking on.


Some may wonder why,

Divert from their own lives,

Most will soon forget,

There’s no need to fret.


Replaying the scene,

Over analysing,

One moment in time,

A personal crime.


To me one chapter,

For them only a glance,

Into someone’s book,

It’s only a look.

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 14.36.17

Laura Joan x

Your Truth


Don’t let them define you,

Only you know the real you,

We can change and evolve,

Don’t need no permission.


Speak and live your truth,

Don’t let the dictators and those haters,

Keep you from your heart and soul,

Release yourself from the control.


Some of us are scared,

But don’t be impaired,

By the struggles of the mind,

Let your true self shine.


If they don’t like it let it be,

We don’t need them to see,

That you are amazing,

Be who you need to be.


Know you’re not alone,

Being trapped by society,

Confidence is lost,

Feelings of isolation and frustration.


Change how you think,

For yourself, no one else,

There’s no one to prove,

If you’re not you you’ll lose.


In the end you’ll regret,

Not living through your personality,

You’ll see it’s a tragedy,

Change this mindset and break through the net.

Laura Joan x

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